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Hot Foto Andy Soraya Desember 2011

Andi Soraya Become a Promoter
Secretly, after serving her sentence in Rutan Pondok Bambu, Andi Soraya became promoter named Wayang Cinema. At the beginning of her action, she held a Miss Teen Indonesia, a reality show about beauty pageant with a direct license from Donald Trump and took Korean boy band 2AM as the theme song for this event.
“So Miss Teen program is license held Wayang Cinema, and our collaboration with Inspired label. We want to raise the Indonesian artists, especially teenagers to carry out our culture,” she said when met at the Rolling Stone, Ampera, Jakarta.
Andi Soraya took Inspired reason is to be able to hold an international label and launch a local artist to explore the international scene.
“So we Trailers Inspired to be cooperation with international labels and artist management as well, so our artists can collaborate with artists outside. We will help them go international, Indonesian people will duet with them and maybe they sung songs or singers Indonesia on the contrary, “she explained.
Andi Soraya also deplore the many artists who want to go international but it is individualistic.
Regarding this new profession, Andi Soraya optimistic plans. Moreover, he wanted to bridge the artist’s homeland that has good talent in order to more easily up the stairs to the international world.
“I am very optimistic. However, our artists have a talent that was not lost. But they may be satisfied stay here. Many Indonesian artists who want to go international but do not have links and do not know, therefore we want to bridge so they could appreciate,” said Andi Soraya.


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